7459 Leichty Rd
Smithville, Ohio 44677
Phone: 330-669-8558
Hours: 8am-5pm (EST)

All About Boville Industrial Coatings, Inc.

Boville Industrial Coatings, Inc., located in Smithville, Ohio began its journey in 1970. My dream to own my own business prompted me to start working in the industrial coating industry. That dream has exceeded any expectations I had and 48 years later I proudly stand beside my son, Larry Jr., and maintain our companys good reputation in the field.

We have experienced our hardships throughout the years; after dealing with a land agreement in 1996 that forced us to start over and led us to our current location, to the economic suffering that followed the 9/11 Terrorist attacks. Since then, the company has grown over 400%, employs 35 hardworking individuals, and brings in revenue of $2 million dollars a year. Boville Industrial Coatings, Inc. has managed to sustain our good reputation, relationships, and has come out on top.

We are here to serve you and your needs as our number one priority, the customer. Our plant operates 20 hours a day; 7 days a week and we take pride in our 100% on-time delivery rate. Our job is to get the work done you have entrusted us to do and I assure you that we will prove that we are worth your business.

Larry Boville Sr.,
President and Founder
Boville Industrial Coatings, Inc.


"We will not permit our customer to find themselves in trouble with his/her supervisor or customer, because Boville Industrial Coatings, Inc. did not do what we promised."

Larry Boville Jr.,
Vice President
Boville Industrial Coatings, Inc.